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Dang it! How have I JUST found this game! And why did the scares get me so much! I love the concept for something that is around 8 years old it's such an amazing game!

An internet classic that still holds up. I had a great time with this one. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, which I post daily videos for all of October.

Here's my video for this game!  

i know this isnt the game but he doesn't have this game on here wonderful job always a classic 


Finally tried these out after seeing and hearing so much about scriptwelder games, and I loved it! I'll be doing the rest of the trilogy (and maybe Don't Escape games as well) soon.

I have been looking for this game forever! I'm so happy it was recommended here. Now I can finally play the game in the correct order. xD

Hi, love this game. This is my gameplay in Spanish... I hope you enjoy it.


Game got me a few times lmao, enjoyed the little puzzles

Amazing Game

I would be HAPPY to donate but sadly i can't. I dont have a credit card or anything like that. I'm a kid😭. But we'll done. Perfect jumpscares, old graphic horror games are the best, and CREEPY MUSIC. 10/10. Definitely recommend


Dude. I just played all 3 games. Its so awesome. And the ending. Wow. That was a GOOD ass horror game. Wish there was more but good things come to an end.

This game was so fun, I really enjoyed it and my own video of it is on youtube soon


this game sucks donkey dick ass fart. worse than black people.

wow um..why?


I've played this game (and its sequels) several times over the years and still enjoy it. Spectacular atmosphere, very creepy. Had to donate because it's too awesome not to.

Playing this gave me joy and fear?


Cool game, very puzzling.

Guess it's never too late to play this game, right? 😉

Cool game and very spooky. it was worth it to play this game. Now if only I can sleep peacefully today.

Absolutely amazing. For free, this is nothing short of a blessing to us, gamers. Thank you so much, dev. What an incredible work. Wonderful graphics, sound design is spot on, and difficulty is just right. Well done, really. Wow. 

This game is amazing! I have never played a horror game quite like this one. It is a perfect balance of graphics gameplay, and horror.





Where did you get the sound effects? (i want to make a horror game of this style myself)


Wow. This is a very nice game :)

Great stuff.


Fantastic point and click game! Really glad I found this, just disappointed it's taken me this long to play it.


This was amazing, holy shit. I was genuinely scared - and I'm NEVER scared at point'n'click games - and some parts were pretty tough to figure out, but not too tough. Good fucking job, wooow.

Great game! I made a video of my playthrough of this one. Had a great time and it creeped me out quite a bit. Nice work.