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WOW, as both an engineer and someone who enjoys video games, I want to thank the creators for this game. This is an awesome way for students of engineering, and the general public at large, to learn more about the systems that created our modern world. 

I've got to say, this game was very intriguing and unique. I like how satisfying it feels to complete a certain work- like filing up the requirements of the projects. In my first attempt, I managed to complete the game in 114 turns (it's pretty long). The gameplay is very unique and the art is just as amazing as ever. Keep up the good work!

Really great chilled card game

This game is so fun!

I really really loved this game! Great mechanics and it was a really fun environment with cool facts and cute sprites. 

Really enjoyed the game

Wonderful little game! Well done!

I believe it is possible to win Impossible difficulty with 100% consistency if you really know what you're doing. I wonder, though, if it's possible to beat Impossible without ever dropping below 0 influence (the first time that happens you're given +50 influence as a "second chance")...


I was over the moon to find this and with updates. Used to play original on Armour Games


Love that game (on "easy" at least). Wish there was some source or more settings. Font is too tiny for me at places.
Would be nice to skip intro (browser closed, cache cleared).

And would also be nice to be able to translate myself. I'm not so selfish to just ask "I want language XX_xx" - but any possibility here would be very welcome.

can u make Chinese???

I think that this game lacks proper deck manipulation, storing cards is fine, but it is very passive, actual pulling and redirecting of cards (slay-the-spire-like "put on top of draw pile") early on would be insanely good. Also some draw amount manipulation would be great (for example famine that makes you draw less cards each turn, huge celebration that makes you draw more each turn)

Overall I really enjoyed this game :)

Entertaining and educational! Love the pixel art, but wish it was somehow easier to move the water carts and wagons. 


Awesome game! Finished on normal, 135 days. Bad well placement early on really mess up the overall plan later.

Overall great mix of fun, strategy, history, and engineering. I'd love to see this become a sub-system in a city sim! Maybe a mini-series where you focus on different systems within a city?


This game is awesome :D I actually don't feel like I'm needed, because the game plays itself, I just put into right places stuff that comes randomly, but still it's fun to observe how the city evolves and changes through ages. Nice idle clicker with "puzzle" and "collect right items" elements.

But for all who come from Grudziądz - this is a really nice gift to play a game that is dedicated to our lovely city! Thank you!

Recently I have received a notification about this particular issue, and I'm more than delighted with the release! The whole concept of the game, how long the gameplay can last (which is really something unordinary in this type of release), and how levels are becoming more complex is something that needs awe of itself for sure. I have worked hard to make the popular saying in my hometown pass, and the saying is "Bo cały Grudziądz to zajebana wieś", no longer it is. 

I really liked the game 100/100! I love the strategy in the gameplay and having to plan and work with all of the items to fully complete the game! 

Best game 10/10


A very good game, that also teaches you something


I've gotten worriedly addicted to this I'm worried about doing work for my job. Amazing concept and great gameplay. Sucks that I'm bad at it though lol.

Was looking for anything to play and found this. Thought it looked cool and decided to check it out for a few minutes and see if it was fun and I ended up playing for 2 hours. Surprisingly quite fun and challenging at times. Ended up beating it on turn 116.

One of my favorite games on! love it! Beat the game in 123 turns, just thought that was funny.


I made an account just to say this: As much as I enjoyed the game, the fact that when it gets harder you're dependent on luck is very unfortunate. I used my resources wisely and carefully, however I didn't get pipes or water carts for a very long time, no matter how much I upgraded the system I couldn't get water carts, lost reputation which meant I couldn't buy money. I don't think that this system of randomized carts that come with luck is fitting for a management and strategy game. 

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There is a hard cap for water carriers, water carts, pipes, and sumps. The game isn't that dependent on luck as there is a set number of cards in a deck that is cycled every few turns and added depending on your advancements in the game. This means that you will always get all available types of cards every time you cycle the deck, you can see which cards you have the possibility of getting by hovering your mouse over the stack of cards on your left. You probably reached the cap for water carts and didn't upgrade your stables for a while or just reached the max amount of water carts, which is 3.

Cute, fun, challenging, and informative!

Great game!

love thisgame

Amazing game. I love it


Finally a game that isn't about gay or trans people and is actually fun. 'Bout time.


And what's wrong about gay or trans people? A drop from 99% to 95% being about straight white men makes people like you so insecure...


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His username is a big tell

also reported


kinda true dou..


He ain't lying thou...


Finished all the achievements except impossible difficulty, we'll see if I ever succeed there lol. solid game!


very good game, i love it


Bluetooth horse


Downloadable version?

Great game!


Nice Game ! 

This is really cool, great job!

Would be nice if I could hold a key to highlight the state of every district, though (current and target water levels).

Would also be easier to select the water carrier by clicking the district instead of the character (seems more intuitive when you play the card on the district itself).


fun game I finished it on normal and hard before stopping. Only issues I had with it was if you are at the end of your deck and you normally draw 4 cards but your deck is only 2 left you only draw those 2 instead of the discard being shuffled and you draw up to your normal 4. Feels like it waste a lot of turns drawing only 1-2 cards. Would also like to see a way to pay to draw extra cards or a building you can make that lets you draw an extra card a round. If you go the pay route maybe have it have a raising cost the more you use it. Otherwise the game was a lot of fun and I got every achievement other than playing it on Impossible. Good luck and Hope you develop it more!

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absolutely fantastic masterpiece such a fun little peaceful game with a unique concept literally blinked and then realised I had been played for 98 turns only one problem which was I started having to keep skipping turns towards the end to get any building projects I dunno maybe I was just very unlucky I mean I had to skip like 80 turns it was really annoying however from what I can tell no one else had this problem, I never got any new projects that I could actually finish till the point I was racking up money I had 700 gold and -70 influence I think my game was glitched or something still well worth playing a 10/10

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happened to me too. Maybe it's cause we had too much residents, causing a never ending loop of losing influence

sounds plausible but why no new projects only ones that are impossible to do without town sigil? which I never gotXD

no idea lol, maybe you just got unlucky

Wow! This is a masterpiece. Thank you for this amazing game experience, it felt like I travel back in time. I finished normal mode in 136 turns, I will definitely play again to complete the achievements. About the small texts, I wish there is an option to enlarge font size.

Great game!

esta bueno!

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