Once launched, the game is available in both English and Polish 

Po uruchomieniu gra dostępna w angielskiej i polskiej wersji językowej

Welcome to medieval Grudziądz*!

Waterworks! is a card-based strategy game. You've been placed in charge of the water supply in the medieval town of Grudziądz. You'll have to use your management skills to make sure every house has enough water and at the same time gather supplies for development of new technologies!

Are you up for it?

  • Play various cards to supply buildings with water!
  • Position your units to maximize their efficiency! 
  • Manage your deck, decide what to keep and what to discard!
  • Collect resources and workers to develop new technologies!
  • Build a network of pipes and wells on town's map!
  • Put out fires and fulfill the ruler's requests!
  • Don't let your Influence drop or you'll fall from grace!

While you're at it

  • Witness the city's changes throughout the ages as the game progresses!
  • Learn how medieval water supply used to operate!
  • Relax while listening to the beautiful soundtrack by talented Chris Carlone !

Not enough?

  • Try to master the game on all 4 difficulty levels!
  • Come up with new strategies to beat the game in as few turns as possible!
  • Collect all 10 achievements!

How do I even pronounce that name?!

The city of Grudziądz was founded by the Teutonic Order in 1291 in the northern part of today's Poland on the Vistula River surrounded by wetlands. The high location on the Vistula embankment meant that the city was struggling with access to clean drinking water from the very beginning of its existence. With the growing number of inhabitants, the problem of water scarcity became an argument for the use of numerous, innovative (on a European scale) technical solutions in Grudziądz...

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(429 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Educational, Simulation, Strategy
Made withPhaser
TagsBoard Game, Economy, Historical, Medieval
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial

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Nice Game ! 

This is really cool, great job!

Would be nice if I could hold a key to highlight the state of every district, though (current and target water levels).

Would also be easier to select the water carrier by clicking the district instead of the character (seems more intuitive when you play the card on the district itself).

fun game I finished it on normal and hard before stopping. Only issues I had with it was if you are at the end of your deck and you normally draw 4 cards but your deck is only 2 left you only draw those 2 instead of the discard being shuffled and you draw up to your normal 4. Feels like it waste a lot of turns drawing only 1-2 cards. Would also like to see a way to pay to draw extra cards or a building you can make that lets you draw an extra card a round. If you go the pay route maybe have it have a raising cost the more you use it. Otherwise the game was a lot of fun and I got every achievement other than playing it on Impossible. Good luck and Hope you develop it more!

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absolutely fantastic masterpiece such a fun little peaceful game with a unique concept literally blinked and then realised I had been played for 98 turns only one problem which was I started having to keep skipping turns towards the end to get any building projects I dunno maybe I was just very unlucky I mean I had to skip like 80 turns it was really annoying however from what I can tell no one else had this problem, I never got any new projects that I could actually finish till the point I was racking up money I had 700 gold and -70 influence I think my game was glitched or something still well worth playing a 10/10

(1 edit) (+1)

happened to me too. Maybe it's cause we had too much residents, causing a never ending loop of losing influence

sounds plausible but why no new projects only ones that are impossible to do without town sigil? which I never gotXD

no idea lol, maybe you just got unlucky

Wow! This is a masterpiece. Thank you for this amazing game experience, it felt like I travel back in time. I finished normal mode in 136 turns, I will definitely play again to complete the achievements. About the small texts, I wish there is an option to enlarge font size.

Great game!

esta bueno!

this is great! would love another game like this for other long term building projects like a castle or a train network.


Really nice game but for some reason the game got a bug and now I have around 300 small gift


...wow. Not only is this a really fun game (beat it all in one really long sitting, took 122 game days), it does a great job of celebrating and getting us to remember history's unsung heroes, the logisticians and common people who did the real work of keeping society running and people alive, despite the interference of kings and nobles and other such "leaders".

(1 edit) (+3)

Naprawdę świetna gra, zrobiłem o niej recenzje na swoim blogu o grach indie i oczywiście musiała dostać najwyższe noty!


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daj pobrac


I loved this game so much I created an account to make this comment

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This is a super fun game! I enjoyed the little history snippets as well!
Edit: I also feel bad for the bottom left house, I kept them on 0 water for most of the game :(

great game


can you make it possible to install?


I got never a dull moment, I don't fell so well, and wheel of fortune all in one game on normal difficulty!


I don't know what possessed you to make this game, but I'm so glad that you did. Beat it on everything except for impossible.


Sublime and engaging mechanics, with lovingly designed environment makes the world really serene to play with. The subtle historical education comes as a bonus. Thank you for building this. Made it through on my second attempt. 150 at normal difficulty :)

142 turns. normal difficulty and tons of fun ^_^ Thanks for making such a good game

I love it


This made my evening! Really engaging and interesting.

The tutorial is very helpful and you master the basics pretty fast. You also are never lost in this game, there's always a new water system to build and you can see clearly what you need to do.

Won in 124 turns, Normal Difficulty. Had a lot of fun!

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normal mode turn 157 taking a break. I don't know how you managed to make this game so interesting and balanced.

this was a great game!

loved it so much, didnt know that water work really that complex even this day water still flowing. clap for waterworks there for keeping our water clean

i beat it in 2 hours, very fu


awesome game but maybe make it to where if you have the items you can click the empty slot to fill it with that card(for building stuff)


just realized that i finished the run in one sitting, great game and really sucks you in despite the seemingly simple concept, loved it

Another amazing scriptwelder game!

Really well polished and rounded game. And all that for free. Wow!

Amazing game loved it!

very good game, i was addicted to this game for a few days.
its also very satisfying seeing the town get built from the ground up

Amazing game!! I've been addicted for 2 days lol


Fantastic game!! I'd gladly pay for an offline version of this. 

Actually Addicted

Great game, had me hooked.

Great game but when you beat it you should still be able too play on the same run instead of making a new one

I'm so hooked to Scriptwelder since the 4 days to survive. Unique pixel art aesthetics, card game gameplay, some decent challenge in it...

Can be beaten in around 90 minutes, give it a try! 

Can't wait for the next Scriptwelder delivery. I just wish this could be played in tablets more comfortably, an android/iOS port would be outstanding...

Great Game, i passed the normal mode in one sitting :)

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