Once launched, the game is available in both English and Polish 

Po uruchomieniu gra dostępna w angielskiej i polskiej wersji językowej

Welcome to medieval Grudziądz*!

Waterworks! is a card-based strategy game. You've been placed in charge of the water supply in the medieval town of Grudziądz. You'll have to use your management skills to make sure every house has enough water and at the same time gather supplies for development of new technologies!

Are you up for it?

  • Play various cards to supply buildings with water!
  • Position your units to maximize their efficiency! 
  • Manage your deck, decide what to keep and what to discard!
  • Collect resources and workers to develop new technologies!
  • Build a network of pipes and wells on town's map!
  • Put out fires and fulfill the ruler's requests!
  • Don't let your Influence drop or you'll fall from grace!

While you're at it

  • Witness the city's changes throughout the ages as the game progresses!
  • Learn how medieval water supply used to operate!
  • Relax while listening to the beautiful soundtrack by talented Chris Carlone !

Not enough?

  • Try to master the game on all 4 difficulty levels!
  • Come up with new strategies to beat the game in as few turns as possible!
  • Collect all 10 achievements!

How do I even pronounce that name?!

The city of Grudziądz was founded by the Teutonic Order in 1291 in the northern part of today's Poland on the Vistula River surrounded by wetlands. The high location on the Vistula embankment meant that the city was struggling with access to clean drinking water from the very beginning of its existence. With the growing number of inhabitants, the problem of water scarcity became an argument for the use of numerous, innovative (on a European scale) technical solutions in Grudziądz...

Development log


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Great game! I had no idea what I was looking for, but I had such a good time with this one. It is amazingly polished (yes) for a free game. Totally crazy! I played through it 6 times in a row, but I can't seem to beat Impossible mode.  I really love the progression, the design, the little bits of history thrown in.  So many nice touches! I'm really happy with this game and will recommend it to my friends.  Thank you for this!


Well, that was really nice. I tried it on easy to see what it was like and I really enjoyed my time with. I might definitely see about trying it out again later. 

I was a bit surprised when the game ended when I built the sewer system XD

Hard mode should still be winnable.
Hard Mode needs rebalancing, yes it would be hard, but it should still be winnable. Fires are too OP, especially with lack of Water Cart cards.

Haha, not really my cup of tea, but I still love the Deeper sleep and Don't escape that I played again and again on Newgrounds.
Just to say thanks, You really gave me good times.



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I really like the game so far! And i would love it if there will be another content update because i really wanna play more.

You should maybe also release this on steam (i would buy it if i go the chance) because it would help you with your funding though before you do that you should update the game because otherwise people will be able to play the full game here on itch.io.


6 rounds after a fire without any water boy... what am I supposed to do ?


Not even in the city? Because then you can sacrifice one of them. They will be returned to the pile of cards after the fire is extinguished, so you can get them back.

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I would liked to have an estimated time for each project they had done like how log does it took to build the canal or the sewer etc..
Great Game


I really like this game a lot, I'm from latin america and the english was good for me to understand everything. The best of this game was the history of the water works, I'm an historian so that was very interesting.

need a downlod version.


Is it just me, or does it feel like you always receive cards either way too early, or too late?


Could you maybe add some more water carts, wagons, and all that?


nah bro if you place them all in the right place you still gain money and stuff, and you could leavfe some red, it was a very well thought oout concept that i saw really intrigued me and there shouldnt be a change (unless there are some bugs needed to be fixed) great game btw

great game, got my ass handed to me in hard lol

great game!

I want to translate game to Korean. Is there any way i can do?

People who like this game, would definitely love Excavate!

It is a Flash game about archaeology management in Poland. Amazing experience from 2015.

@scriptwelder , if you have the possibility to port that game you will make many people happy.


Highly additctive gameplay. Finished my first session in one go.

And the history facts you throw in add a nice imformative touche. Never thought I would be interessted in a game about the evolution of waterworks in a polish city. (Never even thought I would ever write such a sentence ...)

Great job. :)

Very, Very fun game. Loved it, 10/10.

it so hard


Great educational game which puts the usefulness of themes beside fighting/war on display. It reminded me a bit of a board game from the 90's which was focussed on building infrastructure for a city while competing with 1 to ? players.


Awesome game ! Impressive !

I have one request that I think might help with board readability: when you hover an house, the carriers that are on the house should be highlighted. At the moment it is only the other way around.

Thank you for this experience !

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this first time 

time: 2 hour 

turn: 116 

result: sucess


It took me four times to finally succeed! 130 turns. Very awesome and brain burning game

Really cool game! I love the graphics, and the gameplay is a bit addicting itself :)

What a joy! Rarely do I feel like reading additional text but this engineering history is fascinating. The game is well-paced and engaging, and uses interesting deck mechanics.


Great game, educational with a good theme and a good use of deck-building (ish) mechanisms with a solo-gamer euro-board game feel to it, well balanced (at least on normal). Completely forgot that you could sell elements on the map back so failed the late come well quest but that was fine, it was nice to see the sell mechanisms come up later in the game as a call back to its function. Very well done and I really got a solo player euro board game feel to it but with out the hassle of all the up-keep.


Beware: Town Sigils take forever to get. If you ever think there is a bug, you probably still have water-related buildings you can do.

Beating the game on impossible... so satisfying :) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/176255024228335616/776577968495132712/Scr...


The game looks amazing, it's pretty addictive, but that balance... completely off, it makes it so frustrating. You can spend tones of resources unlocking things like pipes and other cool stuff but then you get almost none of that cards to use and upgrade the city. It seems like the game has a lot to offer, you just won't get there.

Still worth playing, simple but fun mechanics, i'd love to see an updated version 

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I built a pipe and nothing changed.  The pipe is there, connected to the right side of the map.  What am I doing wrong?

edit: you need to add Sumps.


very cute game.  cards need to be adjusted.  Had no pipes and barley any water carries the last 50 cards. everytime there was a water carries a fire broke out.   great game would love to see it come to stream

this game is very well done you guys should consider steam

why not that a good idea but it will have to be free.

would it be possible to make a download version?  

Great vibe and nice story! Kind of historical solitaire! Lot of fun and I couldnt stop playing!

This is an awesome game. Is it possible for me to translate it in Italian?


really excellent game! it was pretty easy to learn how to play, while being a thoughtful/challenging game to strategize, if that makes sense - like, the mechanics were simple, but the game itself wasn't easy? you really had to think about how best to utilize the resources and people! it wasn't something i'd ever really thought about before, and it was interesting to see how the town grew and the geography of the town changed as time went by, going from the 1200s to the 1900s!

A very fun turn-based game that teaches about water management systems in cities pre 20th century. 


I really enjoyed this, it was both a fun management game and an educational game. Poland has a rich history and I love learning about it so this was a treat. 

My achievements aren't working so well. I've made in 124 turns, and not even the 130 turns achievements I'd get... i'm frustated. Good game.

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