Once launched, the game is available in both English and Polish 

Po uruchomieniu gra dostępna w angielskiej i polskiej wersji językowej

Welcome to medieval Grudziądz*!

Waterworks! is a card-based strategy game. You've been placed in charge of the water supply in the medieval town of Grudziądz. You'll have to use your management skills to make sure every house has enough water and at the same time gather supplies for development of new technologies!

Are you up for it?

  • Play various cards to supply buildings with water!
  • Position your units to maximize their efficiency! 
  • Manage your deck, decide what to keep and what to discard!
  • Collect resources and workers to develop new technologies!
  • Build a network of pipes and wells on town's map!
  • Put out fires and fulfill the ruler's requests!
  • Don't let your Influence drop or you'll fall from grace!

While you're at it

  • Witness the city's changes throughout the ages as the game progresses!
  • Learn how medieval water supply used to operate!
  • Relax while listening to the beautiful soundtrack by talented Chris Carlone !

Not enough?

  • Try to master the game on all 4 difficulty levels!
  • Come up with new strategies to beat the game in as few turns as possible!
  • Collect all 10 achievements!

How do I even pronounce that name?!

The city of Grudziądz was founded by the Teutonic Order in 1291 in the northern part of today's Poland on the Vistula River surrounded by wetlands. The high location on the Vistula embankment meant that the city was struggling with access to clean drinking water from the very beginning of its existence. With the growing number of inhabitants, the problem of water scarcity became an argument for the use of numerous, innovative (on a European scale) technical solutions in Grudziądz...

Development log


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this game is very well done you guys should consider steam

why not that a good idea but it will have to be free.

would it be possible to make a download version?  

Great vibe and nice story! Kind of historical solitaire! Lot of fun and I couldnt stop playing!

This is an awesome game. Is it possible for me to translate it in Italian?

really excellent game! it was pretty easy to learn how to play, while being a thoughtful/challenging game to strategize, if that makes sense - like, the mechanics were simple, but the game itself wasn't easy? you really had to think about how best to utilize the resources and people! it wasn't something i'd ever really thought about before, and it was interesting to see how the town grew and the geography of the town changed as time went by, going from the 1200s to the 1900s!

A very fun turn-based game that teaches about water management systems in cities pre 20th century. 


I really enjoyed this, it was both a fun management game and an educational game. Poland has a rich history and I love learning about it so this was a treat. 

My achievements aren't working so well. I've made in 124 turns, and not even the 130 turns achievements I'd get... i'm frustated. Good game.

Congratulations Scriptwelder and thanks for this game ! I just finished normal mode and never expected it to grab my attention for so long ! I played all your Don't Escapes and never expected you to do a management game but it's really good !!  :D 

Those villagers won't ever be thirsty again !

Great game. I assume written html 5. What ide did you use. And will you ever make code available..keen to learn from others. JRS

The game is done using Phaser 3, coded in Visual Studio Code and maybe I should make some sort of post-mortem about it :)

I'd like to see that.

I beat Imposible! Really enjoy it!

Any key to Impossible? I'm pretty sure it's the rearranging the water dudes, though I don't have the exact science down yet.

Nice little game. If you want to do a localization in French, let me know.

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Thanks for making this game! I enjoyed the educational and historical content. 

1. English translation is very confusing in places - I finally figured out that a "buckets wheel" is a new blue card that is created after you build a red-card "bucket wheel" and that you combine "buckets wheel" with "water wheel" to make a "Water-work."

2. Is there a help page with card costs listed (even if only for discovered cards)? Sometimes the entire 40-card deck doesn't have enough (say Building Materials or Craftsmen) to build, and by committing to a particular structure (or discarding poorly) you end up wasting 8+ turns. 

3. Is there a reason that Wells (+2 water) forever block you from building Sumps (+5-10)? I would assume that Wells could be capped (trashed) and overwritten with a Sump, or even both that could be built in the same place. 

1. In short - yes, you're right :D It's as confusing in Polish, haha

2. I haven't made a page like that, so unless there's a community-created one, I don't think so!

as for 3. - you can sell a well (or anything from the map) at any point during your turn to free the space for a sump.

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3. Got it, thanks!

4. I've figured out how to drag a card from storage buildings into trash to discard. But how do I discard a card from my hand? This capability would make it possible to pull down cards from full storage into full hand or sell/salvage map items into my full hand e.g. to pay for an event.  

5. Perhaps the "Water and sewage system" card description should also say "and winning the game!" Currently, the ending is very abrupt. 

6. Have you considered modifying the discard-pile-reshuffling rules? Specifically: Is there any reason that when dealing out new cards, you don't reshuffle immediately during refill, so that the player starts each turn with new 4 cards? As a simple example, when you have say 4 cards or 0 cards in your Draw Pile, then finishing a construction that adds 1 more card to your Draw Pile will essentially cause you to lose 3/4 of a turn by delaying the deck reshuffle to play a turn with a size-1 hand. At least make the unusual rule clear ... The current process can be nasty when an event clock is ticking down and the needed cards are waiting in the discard pile, but finishing buildings delays a reshuffle. 

[Edited arithmetic]

4. you can you just need to drag it to storage and discard it from there

The game does not work. I have tried downloading, re-downloading, and deleting and then downloading again. In all cases, the only thing that happens when I hit launch is a black window pops up and does not change. There is no memory or disk calls, so nothing is being loaded- it's just an empty window. Opening the index.html file in a web browser shows a single green box.

This game is meant to run in a browser, it's not a downloadable game. Can you play it on https://scriptwelder.itch.io/waterworks in a browser?

If you want to run it locally you have to go through some extra steps like running a local server, sorry!

(1 edit)

Are you absolutely retarded..?

What made you think this game is meant to be downloaded? Why did you jump through whatever insane hoops one would need to jump through in order to download this web-based game in the first place? And after doing so, why would you act surprised/confused when it didn't work as intended?

There is something seriously wrong with you.

Because I accessed it through the itch.io launcher, which ordinarily has downloadable files to run.

I see. Well I'd ditch that launcher then. That isn't even a launcher if it's just giving you files to launch yourself. I knew itch.io had a launcher (because of gog galaxy 2.0) but didn't realize it was that trash

Ditch it come to the web-side.

A very educational and enjoyable experience

Great game! Finnished the game in normal on the first run! Never felt fustrated and only on the final parts of the game that I felt that I did everything too well, because I had a ton of money.


I've tried it thrice on easy and have never gotten very far at all. I've been very careful and meticulous and am extremely good at management/simulation type games.

You reach a point where the deck offers nothing but regular worker cards. Stops giving you water carriers/wells. Only offers herman's ditch without ever giving you maps which are apparently a prereq, etc. So it bleeds you down to -100 rep and ends the game.

I tried two more times after the first failure and had the same behavior each time. I had built up the necessary structures for storing my four workers, four permits, and four building materials. And each time it would lock me this way. I refreshed and tried it on NG as well as here.

I am 100% certain that this is the behavior that everyone experiences playing since I am playing in a very NORMAL and careful way. I suspect most of you are alternate accounts of scriptwelder, pretending to heap praise on the game, yet betraying yourself because an actual large playerbase would be yelling about the unbeatability and general unplayabiliity of the game.

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i beat the game on easy on my first try and i am typically horrible at managing games

no trying to brag just saying it is possible

put your faith in the pipe system

This game is awesome! I learnt so much and had a lot of fun while doing it!

Great game! I just beat it, it was very addictive and clever and creative. One bug that I potentially encountered was that if I wanted to use A Common Donation to get money and the Bathhouse request is active, it forces me to do the request when I drag the donation card. Is this intentional? Great job Scriptwelder.

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Well I went to check out the game, and then played for at least two hours. The city is limited, but all the upgrades and such make a compelling reason to keep advancing.
Please add some autosaves after major events.

The look and feel of this game makes me want more, even before reaching the end of what is available.

I have to say that getting gold might be a bit too easy. Maybe reduce the money reward, supplying water became an issue a few times, but I never had a problem paying for anything.

-Started a new game and realized I was playing on easy the first time. It's a little more balanced on normal. :)

Incredible! When will it be released?

AWESOME! Love it so much. Thank you!!

Absolutely beautiful game.

Somehow I got stuck. I can't build any new projects. I think I need to build Water-Work IV next, but I never got Water Tower, and I don't see any way to get it.

I see you had a construction started - maybe that was it?

ah, yeah that was it, I must have been really tired to have missed that :)

Love this game ♥ 

I spent 1.5 hours to complete Easy Level. Thanks for making such a great game, I had a lovely time playing it!

I haven't been able to run this game.  When I try to launch it through the itch desktop app, it just displays a black screen, and when I try to run index.html in a web browser, it shows a screen with two green squares.

You're probably trying to launch it locally from your drive? That will not work unless you run a local server. It's much easier to just run it directly from the game's page, using a compatible browser (basically any browser that can run HTML5 content should be fine). 

Oh, thanks.  I was viewing the page through the itch desktop app.  Apparently it just doesn't work there.  Thank you.

great game and very informative

I would love to see full game and play it

I want more and more <3

This game is amazing! Played it for a couple of hours and was devistated when it ended. Please expand on it, I would pay money to for it.

Great game

Świetna gra, przeszedłem całą i super się bawiłem.

A very nice, engaging game. I highly recommend if you have ~2 hours to spend on something entertaining and educating at the same time.

Have always enjoyed your games (despite my being scared at horror), but this is such a nice change of pace with interesting factoids and tidbits. Even though the pacing's different, it certainly managed to drag in hours of my time.

Great game as always, scriptwelder. :D

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Great game! It allowed me to avoid for a couple of hours my in-laws family while I was pretending to work in my room. 10/10 :D

Haha same lol

Fajna gra strategiczna, polecam każdemu, kto lubi strategie lub po prostu nie ma w co grać :D

I found a bug. Though all requirements are met, and the cards are litteraly side by side game won't let me build Water-work.

Those are just construction "schematics" for Water-wheel and Bucket-wheel, you need to build them first.

Oh, right. Would be nice if schemes had some additional icon on their cards.

Thanks for the feedback! 

cool game. I like how I don't have to think much to complete the game. It takes me 123 days on Normal difficulty. For the achievement I don't feel so Well, if I build the wells and later destroy it, will I still get the achievement ?


No. At least, you shouldn't, if you do it's a bug

You can only use wells for an event that has a chance to pop up.

ok thanks a lot. I will try again on the Hard mode

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Niestety gra się zawiesza. W momencie zakończenia tury następuje naliczenie kasy, dochodzą nowi mieszkańcy, karta tali wyskakuje do góry i następuje zamrożenie gry.

Co ciekawe wczoraj cały dzień było ok (wczoraj zacząłem w to grać), dziś od rana przestało działać, trzeba odświeżać przeglądarkę i po wznowieniu na szczęście wszystko jest naliczone, karty rozdane i jest ok ... do następnego przeliczenia tury.

Robiliście od wczoraj jakąś poprawkę, która uszkodziła grę?

Edit: Po całkowitym wyłączeniu przeglądarki Firefox i ponownym uruchomieniu est wszystko ok.

Cieszę się, że się naprawiło :) My nic nie zmienialiśmy - przynajmniej jeszcze nie :D

Wnoszę o zmianę czcionki :D człowiek się bardziej domyśla co jest napisane, a dłuższe rozczytywanie jest bardzo męczące.

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Świetna!!! Gdyby nie była o konkretnym mieście, pewnie by mnie tak nie wciągnęła. Wypuśćcie ją na komórki, znajomi się obrazili, bo zamiast rozmawiać przy piwie, pacałem we właśnie odkryte grudziądzkie wodociągi :-D

PS Anglojęzycznych to jednak moglibyście potraktować łagodniej i napisać, jak się ten Grudziądz po niemiecku nazywał... ;-)

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